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"From This Oil Can" chords by Dan Andriano
August 6, 2022 Comments

Chords for Dan Andriano's track, "From This Oil Can," on the album "Hurricane Season."

Build a Simple Calendar with Carbon (and Laravel)
July 16, 2021 Comments

I explored some approaches to building a simple calendar with PHP and realized that with Carbon at my fingertips, the solution was really quit simple. Here are the code snippets to get you started!

iOS 14 Aesthetic Neon Icons
May 18, 2021 Comments

With the release of iOS 14 and the ability to create custom icons using the Shortcuts app, it's been fun playing with different icon themes and ideas. This set is based on a neon theme.

Site Navigation Tutorial
May 11, 2021 Comments

I recently was asked for some help recreating the navigational layout for my site so I thought I'd throw it into a quick post. Here's a simple tutorial on how I set up the left and right columns and how the mobile interaction works.

WordPress Shortcode Whitespace (Empty Paragraph Tags)
April 6, 2021 Comments

Trim out whitespace caused by empty paragraph tags that WordPress will sometimes create when running shortcodes.

Free WordPress Themes and Plugins
October 11, 2020 Comments

After years of benefiting from the generosity of others who have shared with the WordPress community, I'm working on cleaning up and sharing the various themes and plugins I've developed for my own use.

Disable Private Browsing in Firefox (Mac)
September 17, 2020 Comments

Recently I needed to disable "private browsing" in Firefox on one of my computers. I had a hard time finding clear steps to disable it, but here's how I was finally able to do it.

All-CSS Toggle Switch
August 11, 2020 Comments

I needed a checkbox that looked and felt like a toggle switch without making things overly complicated.

Bootstrap 4 Vertical Menu
December 15, 2015 Comments

Updated: An earlier draft of the post was for v4.0.0-alpha.4. A reader pointed out that the demo no longer worked with the latest update. The following example uses the current alpha release and is actually simpler and uses more native Bootstrap components.

Simple Domain Redirect : WordPress Plugin
February 3, 2015 Comments

So I’m one of those people that likes buying up domain names. I’m constantly finding a domain name that I like and adding it to the collection. One thing that has always bothered me is any of those domains could be used to load my site.

7 Tips for Successful Virtual Meetings
January 26, 2015 Comments

Virtual meetings have become so common that people often hardly think of them as being any different than an “in-person” meeting. In many ways, they are very similar. Example, proper business decorum is expected whether in-person or virtual. There are ways in which they differ greatly.

WordPress Login White Screen [of Death]
December 31, 2014 Comments

The WordPress white screen [of death] doesn’t necessarily need to be something you panic about. I have encountered the problem twice and managed to sidestep catastrophe. Here are a few relatively easy solutions you can try to bring back the normal login screen.

“I am your host, your Ghost Host” – Back Stories of the Haunted Mansion
December 29, 2014 Comments

Disney Imagineers and writers originally contemplated many different storylines for the Haunted Mansion. (For more about Imagineers and the history of the Haunted Mansion, check out A Little History on the Haunted Mansion) After years of development and debate, scriptwriter X. Atencio settled on one of Walt’s original ideas – a retirement home for restless spirits.

A Little History on The Haunted Mansion
December 22, 2014 Comments

The story of the Haunted Mansion goes back to 1951 as Walt Disney first imagined “Mickey Mouse Park,” four years before Disneyland would open. Tabled, the original concepts rested until 1957 when given to Ken Anderson.

Vertical menu for Bootstrap 3
January 17, 2014 Comments

Bootstrap 3 lacks a vertical menu that transforms into a mobile (collapsable) menu. Here are the few modifications you’ll need to make to convert a default Bootstrap menu into a stacked vertical menu.